Hey, I’m Eleonora! I'm a twenty-something creative mind from Cologne, Germany. I founded this blog back in 2010 when blogging was still something new – I wanted to be a part of the „blogosphere“ and started posting such things as my outfits, shopping hauls and more.

But throughout the years I recognized that I’m not fitting the typical blogger role. I don’t like shopping and unconscious consumerism, I rarely put make-up on and when I travel I prefer a tent rather than a luxurious spa. I always loved second hand shopping and flea markets. I always picked the rather ugly fruit at the supermarket to protect it from the garbage. I love upcycling and recycling. DIY projects and products. I prefer a more natural and sustainable life. Finally, in 2017 I started my personal no shopping challenge.

I want to promote a more conscious, ethical, fair and sustainable lifestyle – including topics like fair fashion and cruelty-free cosmetics. I am not perfect, but I try my best to make the world better little by little!

Contact: eleonorasblog@gmail.com